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Artificial Intelligence


We develop prediction and classification solutions using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence tools that are already robust (no newbies here) and mature, using engines from our partner Ward Systems. They are multi-algorithm tools based on neural networks supervised by genetic algorithms.

With them we build scores / ratings, predicting Basel parameters as probability of financial delinquency (or default, PD), loss in default (LGD) and expected loss in credit operations. In support to credit collection companies our solutions rank outstanding down payments according to the likelihood of recovery and direct them to the best collection strategies / operators.

For higher education institutions we use the same tools in predicting delinquency and / or student dropout. Health applications include the prediction of clinical evolution, as well as support to health diagnoses and prediction of hospital structure/equipment utilization. For financial and insurance operations, we also provide fraud prevention and detection. All our solutions can be integrated into classical enterprise applications (ERPs) and / or mobile applications.

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Information privacy and security


We develop information security diagnostics in IT environments followed by recommendations and action plans to suit business demands and regulatory / legal requirements. Complete consultancy for LGPD compliance (Brazilian version of European GDPR), applying world-class tools for designing the security model/structure and for the following continuous monitoring.

Quality Assurance


Thanks to our experience and tools, we regularly bring high improvement to IT related projects.

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Optimization of corporate IT


We have been successfully developing a variety of IT projects such as IT strategic plans, start-up deployment, IT starter plans software application selection, ITSM implementation, all of them following best practices and compliant to PMI, ITIL, COBIT as well as the support of methodologies like Agile and UX for mobile application development.

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